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Python Is Fun!

2020-12-09 Python

One of my students this week said “Python is Fun!” Coding is an important skill for kids to have and I try to make sure my students are always excited to learn more. Younger students often begin with Scratch code blocks (which we’ll cover in a future post) but I often get asked what’s the best way for more advanced students to get started with Python?

terminal saying Python is fun

I’ve found that Python with Turtles on Trinket is a great way for kids to begin their Python journey. Trinket lets you run and write code in any browser, with no need to log in or install software. Turtle gives students a visual introduction to Python. In just their first class, a student will learn about variables, loops and lists, if-else statements, and functions. The best part is they will learn these concepts in a fun manner by drawing shapes with Turtle and see their results in real-time. Want to learn more? Check out Code&Play for a free trial!

terminal saying let's learn Python