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Pygame With Code Angel

2021-02-07 Python
Learning to build video games is a popular reason kids are excited to try coding. Code Angel has some great Python game projects with videos to teach Pygame concepts. Code Angel gives students the code, images and audio to make a great game. Instead of typing the full code into an editor, I created a few templates for each video tutorial that makes starting with game development even easier for students. Continue reading

Python Is Fun!

2020-12-09 Python
One of my students this week said “Python is Fun!” Coding is an important skill for kids to have and I try to make sure my students are always excited to learn more. Younger students often begin with Scratch code blocks (which we’ll cover in a future post) but I often get asked what’s the best way for more advanced students to get started with Python? I’ve found that Python with Turtles on Trinket is a great way for kids to begin their Python journey. Continue reading